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Covid Case in India Surges as it shatters Global Record

NCDC announces New Covid Cases - Health news and Gist in Nigeria

India’s deadly struggle continues unabated, with the country on Friday reporting another record rise in coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours. To date, the country has recorded more than 21.4 million confirmed infections and at least 234,083 deaths.

The escalating figures come as nations send emergency aid to India, whose health-care system is struggling to cope. Some officials have expressed concern that the shipments of crucial supplies are being held up at airports and delayed in reaching hospitals that are in desperate need of oxygen equipment, medicines and vaccines.

Rahul Gandhi, India’s opposition leader, wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday demanding that the government act swiftly to vaccinate the entire population and accusing him of “declaring premature victory as the virus was exponentially spreading.”

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