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National Orientation Agency assures that covid-19 vaccine does not contain microchip

The National Orientation Agency has clarified that the coronavirus vaccine to be procured by the Federal Government does not contain a microchip.

The agency said this in a series of tweets titled ‘Things to know about #COVID19 vaccination!’ on Sunday.

On whether the COVID-19 vaccine contained a microchip, the Federal Government’s agency said the Ministry of Health would certify the vaccine safe before being administered.

It said, “No! COVID-19 vaccine does not contain any harmful substance or micro-chip. All vaccines including COVID-19 vaccines are manufactured under strict compliance with WHO guidelines.

“Also, before the vaccine is administered in Nigeria, NAFDAC will test and certify it is safe for human use.”

On whether the vaccine could infect with COVID-19, NOA said, “The vaccine will be subjected to laboratory examinations to ensure it is safe before being administered to humans.

“No! the vaccine cannot infect you with COVID-19. It is meant to protect you from COVID-19 infection. Once your vaccination doses are complete, you become protected.”

It also clarified that the COVID-19 vaccine would not alter human genetic information – Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

“There is no scientific evidence that #COVID19 vaccine will change or affect human genetic information (DNA).

“No! COVID-19 vaccine does not alter your DNA, it triggers an immune response that will protect your body against the virus if encountered. Once you and your community members are protected, the chances of the spread of the disease are reduced.”

Source: Punch

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