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Life in the past was far better than what the youths are inheriting – Pat Utomi

A political economist and former presidential candidate, Prof Pat Utomi, has said Nigerian leaders should be ashamed of the situation of the country.

Utomi, a management expert, said it is shameful that life in the past was far better than what the youths are inheriting from their parents this time.

Utomi spoke at a symposium to herald the installation of a former member of the House of Representatives, Ladi Adebutu, as the Lisa Aje of Egbaland.

The symposium, which was held at Park Inn hotel, Kuto, Abeokuta had the theme – “Public-Private Partnership For The Development of Ogun State”.

Utomi, who was the guest speaker, said, “We should feel a deep sense of personal shame that we had a better life than our children

“In most societies, the question people ask is that, ‘is your life better today than it was yesterday?

“Every generation is expected to have a life better than the generation before.

“We, as teenagers, as young professional men and women, have had better lives than our children and we must not let this to continue.”

The professor expressed worry that Nigeria had refused to develop despite taking all steps towards development.

He compared the nation to Singapore, which, he said, was once in the same condition as Nigeria

According to him, there is nothing Singapore did that Nigeria has not done, yet the country remains in the same position.

He said, “Where is the place of discipline in development? Where is the place of commitment? Singapore’s progress was significantly a result of forced-saving, that is saving money by force, ditto pension funds, ditto housing funds. Today, our money is disappearing from pension funds.”

Source: Punch

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