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Business man, Olu Michaels shared his story

Actor and filmmaker, Olu Micheals, has his fingers in many pies. Aside from being an entertainer, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Forbes Global Project, a travel and tourism agency that is noted for its money-back guarantees.

On how he combines his entertainment and business careers, he said, “It has not been easy but because movies have been my passion since childhood, I found a way. Even though I could not practice moviemaking for more than 30 years, the minute I grabbed it, I produced over 15 movies.

“If one puts in one’s best in Nollywood, there is no limit for one. I did that for the first five years and I’m thankful for where it has got me today.”

Speaking on his business venture, he said, “It is a brand that I have been running for the past 18 years. It is primarily focused on visa assistance, relocation of families or single persons from Nigeria to other parts of the world, and those who live outside the country and want to renew their visas or need legal services. We work with different lawyers in different countries and in most cases, I travel to different parts of the world to help people sort out legal issues. The bottom line is that we are in the business of migration and immigration.

Micheals however stated that one did not need to travel outside Nigeria before one could make it. He said, “I have lived in different countries, including Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada. But, there is nowhere like Nigeria. People might not believe it but I have peace of mind in Nigeria.

Yes, there are a lot of problems such as police brutality, poor healthcare, and insecurity, and those are enough reasons to want to run away. But I can be my own boss in Nigeria. If I make little money in Nigeria, I can walk into a car shop and buy a car with cash. But, in the Western world, it’s not so. One could spend eight years paying for one car. In Nigeria, you can be your own boss. You can start a business with as little as N50,000. No matter how difficult doing business is here, just make sure you do your feasibility studies and are careful. There are times you lose in Nigeria but it is worth it.”

Source: Punch

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