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Chinese press report possible death of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un

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Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea, otherwise called North Korea, has according to Chinese media reportedly died due to a failed heart surgery.

According to an American media outlet, TMZ who quoted reports from Chinese and Japanese media platforms, the Korean dictator if not already dead, is currently on his death bed with no hope for recovery.

Media in China had earlier speculated that a medical team had been sent to their communist neighbours, North Korea this week, specifically to conduct ’medical checkups’ the Supreme Leader, but a news channel’s vice director who happens to be the niece of China’s foreign minister busted out the news herself, revealing Kim was already dead.

Although the speculated death is yet to be confirmed, the woman, with nearly 15 million followers on social media app, insisted that Kim Jong-Un had really passed on after a heart surgery went wrong.

Other reports stated that Kim had gripped his chest in early this month – April, and fell down while visiting a countryside. While undergoing surgery, it was either things went awry when the surgeon had shaky hands or that the procedure wasn’t done rapidly enough.

Although the reported death of Kim Jong-Un has continually been watered down and denied, including by the United States President, Donald Trump, who refused to elaborate on his comments concerning the report. Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, is said to be getting readied for a possible replacement as Supreme Leader.

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