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Willian: Its over, I won’t be coming back to Chelsea

Willian - Sports Blog in Nigeria

This was always going to be a tricky period for Willian, but the events of the last few months have made them an even stranger time.

After 7 years at Chelsea, the winger looked set to leave the club at the end of the season when his contract expired. But that timetable has now been shifted massively.

The premature end to the season, and the uncertainty about players (like Willian) whose deals expire before the whole show can be put back on the road, mean that it seems he’s pretty confident he won’t be coming back.

Marca in Spain have the full translated quotes from the former Anzhi man, who sounds certain he’s played his last for the Blues:

“With Chelsea, it’s over,” the 31 year old said confidently.

“We’re not talking anymore. There’s won’t be a negotiation.”

Now to be fair, the fact that the season could be resumed in the summer isn’t directly mentioned. If FIFA and the league can sort out a way of temporarily extending expired deals, he may consider that.

But as it stands, he seems sure he’s not going to feature for us again.

As with everything at the moment, we can only wait and see.

Source: Marca, Spain.

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