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Bode George: I will disown Nigeria and move to Togo if Tinubu becomes President

Bode George - Politics and News Blog in Nigeria

A former deputy national chairman of the PDP, Bode George of Lagos state has revealed what would happen in the event that Ahmed Bola Tinubu of the APC becomes president.

Mr Bode George spoke with Mudiaga Affe of the Punch.  While touting his qualities that make him eligible to run for president in 2023, he also vowed to relocate from Nigeria if his arch rival, Tinubu beat him to it.

He said: “It is a challenge. It would be the most illogical and most disruptive issue to have him (Tinubu) elected as President. If this happens, I will disown Nigeria to take the citizenship of Togo or any other country. Look, what this fellow did in my state, all the lies and the most painful thing was that on the day of the election (2019 election) two bullion vans drove in the daylight to his house and what did Prof Itse Sagay say, that he (Tinubu) had been a very wealthy man before. Where was he wealthy? If his (Sagay’s) conclusion was that, then something is wrong. Let us call a spade a spade and stop deceiving ourselves. So, if that is the way they want to do it, then I am ready to face him (Tinubu). Let us get out there because it would be the greatest disservice for our nation to have him contest as a presidential candidate.”

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